Behind every great bottle of wine is a story worth telling ✨

One of my go-to websites for wine is @nakedwinesusa.
They work with award-winning winemakers all over the world to bring great wines to your table. I’ve ordered from them many times over the years and they have yet to disappoint.

They also have a great program that allows you to get to know the faces and the story behind each wine bottle while connecting with like-minded wine drinkers.

Become an “Angel” member to support independent winemakers directly. $40/ month will get you access to exclusive wines from iconic regions around the globe at 40-60% off! Your membership will be used to invest in talented, independent winemakers that you’ll be able to chat with and get to know.

Becoming an “Angel” member will get you to Sommelier status in no time!

Visit NakedWines!